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The International Journal for Leadership in Learning (IJLL) is focused on the exploration of leadership issues across a broad range of contexts (e.g., K-12, post-secondary, and other workplaces) and topics. These may include formal and informal leadership and leadership development issues and how leaders and leadership approaches influence employees, followers, and other stakeholders, and may relate to topics of: policy, practices, curriculum development, culture, education and training, and so on.

This journal particularly invites current research, debates and theoretical discussions, and promotes the knowledge mobilization and dissemination of graduate research.

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Current Issue

Vol. 23 No. 1 (2023): Leadership Through an International Lens

The articles in this issue explore a range of leadership topics such as academic development, shared leadership, ethical leadership, power and corruption, leadership influence, culture shock, and reform efforts. These varied leadership themes are examined within the frame of particular national contexts.

Published: 26-12-2023
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